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Red Book paper: Solutions for supply chain issues are completed and the paper edition is being delivered.  Look for your copy in the coming two weeks. Click here to place a book and list order.

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RB App Vol K is now in the Microsoft App Store.

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ANNOUNCEMENT (9/1/2022) // ATTN Funeral Businesses: RB App Vol K is now in the iOS and Android App Store.

A part of the Red Book research is available to the general public.  The community oriented Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors recommended we provide direct support to the general public.

Note for funeral directors: Access the funeral business to business (b2b) space is available through a Red Book Agent.  We recommend using the RB App or current paper edition.  The b2b options are changing quickly.  Using current information will help you and the families you serve.

The Red Book App (RB App), represents the b2b business relations and is available in Android Google Play, Microsoft Store, & Apple App Store.  Search for Red Book Funeral & install.  You will need your account's credentials along with authorized access to the Funeral B2B market provided by a Red book Agent.  If you need to have your account set up for access, contact us to have an RB Agent contact you.

Quick, affordable, courtesy B2B services continue to be in reach with Red Book accuracy.  We have done the heavily lifting when it comes to finding B2B  options.  Save time and money.  Use RB research to find solutions.

Since 1936, The National Directory of Morticians provides easily accessible information for the Funeral Business to Business Market.  The information is continually updated by Funeral Directors through Red Book Agents.  We extend our thanks to participating Funeral Homes that utilize the research we perform in the Funeral Business to Business market.  We recognize the direct benefit to the families you serve.

What We Do

The National Directory of Mortician's Agents work with funeral directors in researching that enables a healthy Funeral b2b Market.  Enabling funeral directors to better serve families.

The need for a Funeral Business to contract with a sub-contracting Funeral Business is the basis for every business.  Red Book provides a representative platform for this process.  The platform enables funeral directors to find quality, timely, fair subcontracting rates and options.

RED Book Funeral HOME Directory for funeral BUSINESSES

The RED BOOK is a source to locate Business to Business (b2b) resource designed to be used by the Funeral Industry.

The RED BOOK printed and RB app, contain licensed Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, & Cremation Societies in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other destinations around the world that are competing in the  Funeral Business to Business market.  The benefit of the market provides better service, pricing, and time frames for the consumer/families that the industry serves.

Funeral directors are encourage to communicate with the area RB Agent to ensure a healthy market.  The RB Agent is there to help by representing the space and firms willing to assist.


The information in funeral b2b is continually updated by physical visits, as well as mail, phone, email, internet, text, and fax communication.  An in person visit provides the best opportunities that would otherwise not be realized.

These visits enable Red Book to collate specific details that funeral directors can use to assist a family in need, providing the opportunity to work at peak efficiency.

(Quick Search and the Online Funeral Directory are designed for safe usage by the general public. Licensed funeral homes should contact their Red Book Agent to gain access to The Red Book.)


Funeral directors are people.  No two are the same.  It is our experience that funerals are very different from one to the next.  The funeral director has large impact on how a funeral is conducted.  Talking with a potential firm will enable you to make better decisions.  Be sure to ask questions and explain what your expectations are.

SELECTING THE RIGHT FIRM FOR YOU:  If you already have a personal relationship with your funeral director, then knowing if you wish to use them or not is simpler.

However, if you do not, then an interview with them is beneficial for everyone.  Asking questions on offerings, solutions, what type of services are available, and prepared solutions to cover your needs are topics to discuss.  Let them know what you are looking for.

Are you looking for a unique, traditional, or some new experience?  Would you like to discuss cremation, burial, and other option in your area?  If you are not sure, let the funeral director know.  They can provide suggestions.  This will help you find the service and budget that works for you.

A funeral director working in your best interest will have the right tools that go beyond information that is available through public search engines.  A good funeral director will have many sources that are hard to find or not available to the general public.  We would all like to believe that all funeral directors use sources that provide greater options.  However, remember the funeral directors are people.  So that is increasing not the case.

Asking questions is important and helps mitigate risks from working with a person who is not working in your best interest.  The questions will mitigate risk of exposure to deceptive practices, help with defining your needs, the next family needing assistance, and the funeral Industry as a whole.  We strongly encourage you to ask.  It helps us all.

HOW A FUNERAL DIRECTOR ASSISTS:  As in any industry, the funeral director utilizes resources beyond public venues, including internet search engines.  Some resources provide time savings.  Other resources provide items and sub contractors that are set to help with specific tasks to save monies and/or time.

Correctly used funeral industry resources, enable a funeral director to save you time, efforts, and money.  Allowing you to spend time with your family when it is needed most.

YOUR RELATION WITH A FUNERAL HOME:  A Funeral Home is a business.  Businesses are always in a state of change.  The majority owners have multiple locations today.  Keep in mind, owners, managers, or employed funeral directors, are people that live in your area and they make a living by assisting you at a difficult time.  Remember, a funeral director is a person.

We recommend talking with them.  Learn who & where they are.  Are they working with your needs in mind first?  Are they using competitive sources so that they can pass savings in time and money onto you?  Can they provide the options you want?

Your questions will help you avoid funeral directors and non licensed practitioners that use deceptive practices.  Questions will help provide you with the assistance that is to your benefit and satisfaction.

It is our wish for you to find options that work for you.  The educated consumer is the Funeral Industry's best clients.  So ask questions, look around.  We all like to work with our best clients.

If you are happy, then the entire death care industry is happy.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FUNERAL HOME, MORTUARY, & CREMATION SOCIETY?:  In general there are no differences.  In practice and options, there are many differences.  Most areas have licensing & laws in place to protect all parties involved.

Mortuary or Cremation Society is another way of saying what is typically thought of as a Funeral Home.  Businesses use words in their name to help attract clients.  Do not fall prey to a name that you feel offers something that is not there.  Ask questions.

Remember, businesses use words in their names to better describe the kind of goods and services they provide.

There is a general idea that an alternative service like a Cremation Society is less expensive.  Our research shows that is not necessarily the case.  Rates and services very greatly across all platforms.  With the increase in options, there is an increase in possible confusion.  We recommend taking your time and asking questions is your best course of action.

WHY A FUNERAL and WHY USE A FUNERAL HOME?:  A funeral, with the assistance of a funeral home, is an opportunity to increase the celebration for a life well lived.  To say "until we meet again."  If you are pleased with the service received, then the funeral home, funeral director, and supporting funeral businesses are pleased.  Simply put, if you are pleased, then the Death Care Industry is pleased.

Licensed funeral directors are bound by laws that protect all parties.  You will want to ensure you are working with a licensed establishment.  If you are not comfortable when talking with a funeral director during your initial meeting, you may want to try interviewing another location.  Remember, there are many options today to fit your budget and needs.

Feel free to use our Public Search to locate a firm of your choosing.

Public Searching - Online Funeral Home Directory

The Online Funeral Home Directory (and/or Mortuary Directory) provides a complete list of licensed Mortuary and Funeral Home establishments that work with the general public/end consumer.  Funeral Homes that specifically work in the Funeral to Funeral Business market are not shown in the Online Funeral Home Directory as they do not work directly with the end consumer.

Advanced Search Online Directory (including Quick Search) has been reduced due to illegal activity.  We hope to have this resolved soon.


IMPORTANT: Funeral Directors need to log in before searching in order to ensure usage of specialized information.

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